Implementation of the project “Together against torture in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Network”, funded by the European Commission, started 01.06.2011. As the Committee against Torture of the UN on several occasions, the first time in 2005, instructing recommendations Bosnia and Herzegovina to adopt a law on the rights of victims of torture, and it is consistently not happen, we decided to try to make extra pressure on the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to speed up the process of adoption of this law. The foundation of our efforts are the Universal Declaration of Human and Civil Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the European Convention on Human Rights, the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment, the Convention on the protection of prisoners of war, the Convention on the Protection of Civilians during the war, resolution A / Res 60/147 – Basic principles and guidelines on entitlement to a Remedy and reparation for Victims of Gross Violations of international human rights law and serious violations of international humanitarian law and many others. The Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Annex IV of Human Rights), as well as the constitutions of the entities inside the foundation of our efforts.

The Network consists of the following organizations:

UG Vive women Tuzla
Croatian Association of Detainees of the Homeland War in Central Bosnia Canton
Association of captive-Association of Detainees of the Brcko District
Federation of the Association of Detainees of Tuzla Canton
Association of Camp Prisoners of Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Association of Detainees Regions Visegrad
The Association of Detainees Sarajevo Romanija region

The overall objective of the project is to establish partnerships with government representatives (Parliamentary Assembly at all levels in BiH ministries at all levels in BiH (state, entities, district), in order to protect the victims of torture in Bosnia and Herzegovina through undertaking the necessary actions for the amendment of existing or establishment new legal framework that will be used to treat problems of victims of torture. parallel, we have been strengthening networks through building the capacity of our members and expanding its network of Together Against torture in BiH.

During the course of the project, realized a large number of activities, with the aim of contributing to improving the position of victims of torture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is made ​​of the status of victims of torture who showed devastating results, which show that over 78% of the total of 1,016 respondents had no settled status nor its alternatives (Law on Social Protection, Protection of Civilian Victims of War and Protection of Families with Children Federation – status of civilian victims of war, the Law on the Rights of Veterans and their families – the status of members of the military), or a compatible legal solutions in the RS, and the regulations of Brcko District – Government Decision BD).

With the results of the evaluation we turned to the authorities at all levels and maintain a large number of meetings with holders of political offices, representatives of political parties and opposition positions, with a request for urgent resolution of the status of victims of torture.

The project was held 25 meetings of the Network with the aim of planning, defining and analyzing activities and model of the project, 25 round tables on the status of victims of torture, two conferences on the subject of the Law on the Rights of Victims of Torture, 10-trainings in the field of psychosocial support and rehabilitation , media relations, writing projects, project cycle management and evaluation, networking and operation of networks etc..

One of the activities within the framework of the project is to support the petition and the law on the rights of victims of torture through which we, in just two months, we managed to collect over 55,000 signatures.

Funding for the project was completed in 31.05.2013. year, but the attitude of members of the network is that the activities outlined the project proposal we continue with the aim of most urgent adoption of the rights of victims of torture in Bosnia and Herzegovina.